Shanghai Asian Manor

Once again today it is a search for the Xiao Long Bao. And I searched out a new list. Written by a native of Shanghai his purpose was to find the most authentic Xiao Long Bao. His top rated was The Bao which we discovered serves these soup dumpling only at dinner , so that was off the table today. So next up in the city is Shanghai Asian Manor.

3rd on his list is a new place to us in Flushing, Yu Garden Dumpling House, which we will try on Thursday on our way in from getting me my pretzel at The Front Street Bakery.

456 Shanghai Cuisine and Shanghai Cafe rate highly according to the blog Eat Your World.

Fu Zhao Cuisine in Chinatown is the best dumpling in NY according to the youtube channel strictly dumpling. He likes a super thin skin. Fish Ball Soup and the pork & Chive dumpling seem to be at the top of his list.

He goes for fish dumplings in a food court, off in the corner a place just called dumpling. He mixes his own sauce with hot sauce, garlic, soy and vinegar. It looks like the food court is in Flushing. mini K

Flushing, Queens is Gold Shopping Mall, Tiajin Dumpling House which I google and find in another dumpling blog on the Culturalist. He recommends the pork and dill dumpling here.

In the end he winds up at our new place in Flushing – Kung Fu Xiao Long Bao where he likes the spicy sauce dumplings. On to Din Tai Fun which is recommended all over the place.

We started at Shanghai Manor known as Shanghai 21. We ordered the soup dumplings and a Shanghai chicken lo mein

Both very good

Next on the list was Shanghai Dumpling

When we walked in I immediately recognized it from my kickstarter dumpling experience. We order soup dumplings and were told of a minimum $5 per person so we ordered scallion pancakes. Mistake, we dont really like scallion pancake which is a shame because if we did it could be our next quest.

The Xiao Long Bao were as good as many places, but not THE BEST so go.. and enjoy

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