Perhaps we have hit the most authentic or at least designed for locals soup dumpling shop

Located in a tiny rustic storefront in flushing we are the only diners at 3 pm on a Thursday afternoon. The menu is a challenge.

The young waitress has a complete command of English and our soup dumpling are on the way

And an English menu appeared. We are going to give fried rice a try.

The skin in sticky to the touch but not the slightest bit doughy

They strike us both as light and today could be the day we order a second batch.




On our way out we stop at a community garden down the street from where we parked. It was huge and clearly well tended even though it was early in the season. Tulips and daffodils were blooming along with a few trees.

We figure there might have been over 100 plots and as we walked through it was almost like glimpsing into each persons private fantasy.

In the park next door we caught a glimpse of a woman practicing her fan dance.

Its so nice to be able to find so many things every day. And yet, some days I don’t want to leave the house. Thats why the quest works so well. For the ultimate dumpling or brownie, or to see as many waterfalls or sculpture gardens as I can.

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