Soup Dumplings- again

waiting for 45 minutes so far outside the Shang Hai Dumpling in Edison NJ on our way to DC and the Glenstone Museum

On the way we plan a stop in Doylestown for the Mercer Museum.

We have no thoughts on dinner or how to spend the day Saturday. Of course we are considering the new African American Museum and the Newseum. And are hoping to see the cherry blossoms that went into bloom last week. Holding our breathe that they don’t get a rainstorm in the next 30 hours.

We have seen blossoms in the city and on the drive but I think that what we might see in DC could be amazingly spectacular. And of course since they are famous and a rarity it’s always fun to know you have been there, done that.

well. We made it in

We settle on pan fried udon noodle with spicy pork. A cold salted duck and Pork Steamed Juicy Buns which we are assuming are soup dumplings.

It’s a tiny place with a kitchen down the side and handprints on the walls but people waiting outside who say they come often

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