Driving to DC

Just some notes in case we ever take the drive again.  Things I saw out of the corner of my eye, places to stop next time around.  I apologize if you are reading this but for now I haven’t the “thing” i need to make it pretty.  I also know if i dont post it, it will never happen..

Little sculpture garden at the far end of Rutgers prep school near Somerville where we were headed

On Main Street we found two bakeries listed so off course we headed in

Then you will pass the Ukrainian Orthodox Church which is a bit curious. But a small bit further on, on the left, is what must be the actual church. And it is gorgeous from the quick drive by we did

There is a battlefield and a brook and a river we wove back and forth over into Bound Brook which is perhaps part of Somerville? Not the most upscale main street I have seen but looks like you can get fried chicken. There is a train station and things got prettier as we continued on Main Street. According to the gps we are still ten minutes away.

We weave through a Latin area where there is a large offering of mofungo. I always wonder as I drive these semi back roads how one winds up here and what does one do all day.

Next time I’m here I want to try chicken holiday. A large sign says they are celebrating 50 years. It’s just past the bank ball park which looks to be a large new stadium.

There is a Brook Arts Center where you can see Hitchcock’s the birds and a few lovely older homes scattered along this continu

What a great little town. With a gun on the green and both a Greek and an Armenian restaurant I think it’s lovely town and worth the stop if you are in the area.

The coffee was fine, the chocolate cookie really good. The toll house, ginger and sugar cookies were all fine though nothing special and we are saving the “faux”-reo for Monday

So on towards doyelstown we continue.

This in front of the public library on the way out of town

There is the historic medical house? And newer shopping malls. And a traffic circle with stop signs at the merge points. Why?

We passed a Char Steakhouse and I wonder is it related to the Char’s Tracy Mansion where we have dinner reservations in Harrisburg

We go through branchberg and hidden behind the trees is a huge solar farm. It feels like a commuter town but we don’t think there is anywhere to commute to. There were a few large complexes that must employee parts of the community

The area is clean and seems prosperous and there is a nice looking organic farmstand, really a huge happy looking red barn

As we continue on route 202 brad predicts a chair? Over the next hill perhaps…

And Northlandz. The worlds largest miniature railroad is here. A thing I really want to see. We have passed this way before and I probably wrote the same thing. Seems I don’t want it enough to remember I want to go. Ahhh. I shall put it on my ‘ traveling in am RV’ wish list!!

Brad did finally see his chairs and we saw a sign for Lambertville and well. We never got there either. Now the road has widened and we are traveling through open land and hills and the Delaware (what?)

We cross the New Hope Bridge and leave New Jersey begins. Welcome to Pennsylvania and 22 minutes to the Mercer Museum.

We cross the Delaware river and if you look closely there is a difference. Large lawns, new homes. And lower taxes

This is bucks county. Last time we were here we did the Mitchner museum and saw work done in the county and by its residents. I’m not sure what the Mercer has but I am looking forward to it

The entire ride in is lovely. Even the strip mall appears to be a collection of well maintained homes. There are farms and interesting old homes. A few horses on the roadside, a market, some nurseries and all manner of things to just feel good about.

What are the town and country players who have a big barn on the west side of the road and who is keeping geese.

It’s also more lovely because there is constant evidence of spring. With trees and flowers blooming along the roadside and trees filling up with green.

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