Danbury, Stamford, Rippowana Falls

This was to be the day we went to Dia Beacon. After the Glenstone experience Think we are in the contemporary art mode. I got out to the car at 11 and discovered Dia is closed.. noooooooo. SO a quick search lead us to Danbury Connecticut. We headed there with no idea what to do or where to go. No research.. and really.. not a very successful trip.

Don’t get me wrong, we always have a nice time because Brad likes to drive and I like to look out the window but today we had a pretty bad lunch, some not fabulous ice cream, no great walk and see below for the photos of the waterfalls.

It appears Danbury was once a lovely little town with some level of affluence. There is now a dollar store on the main street and very little happening. The city does have a few lovely little parks and judging from the signage we selected incorrectly when choosing the main Street Diner. We should have gone for Minas Carne BBQ, and rather than the ice cream shop (Double twister) across from the campus of Western Connecticut University and gone to Dr. Mikes Ice Cream shop in Brewster.

We usually check out bakeries and chocolate shops but I am thinking of upping my photographic game and have started to notice Libraries in small towns.


After the disappointment of Danbury we did a quick google search for a waterfall figuring we can head there and get a walk and see some falls. Without any further investigation we headed to Rippawana Falls.

When the phone announced we had arrived we were in the middle of downtown Stamford. We pulled over and found a small park alongside a stream.

It was truly lovely in that the city is in the middle stages of creating a park.

Perhaps a mile in all we walked the circle. Flowers were blooming, they had created rock formations and a new fountain was being tested.

There were a number of these sticks with cans tied on that we aren’t sure about. And more and more I am noticing cities painting the ugly metal boxes that scatter all cities street.

So yup, a pretty yucky day but what a lovely surprise to have found this park.

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