Back to where it all started, sort of.

After trying soup dumplings all over we decided to come back to joes for our final meal in the city

We didn’t make it to Chinatown so are at the 56th street location. Arriving at 11:45 there was no wait and a few delivery goes leaving with arms full

My first reaction is ‘ the spoons don’t rare’.



We had fun little paper spoons the day we went to the Escher exhibit in Brooklyn, those beautiful spoons the other day in jersey city and I think the place after dumpling gogo had a nice spoon.

These are cheap green plastic. I will be taking off on the eating fir presentation. If I rated presentation

Today we try not only the pork soup dumpling but also the chicken soup. I doubt I will know which is which. I could t tell the difference at our breakfast in DC


and the verdict is disappointing all around.   The skin was to thick, the soup with too little flavor ( the chicken had no flavor at all) and though the pork was textured well it also had very little flavor.  Joes is famous and popular because it is.  and if you dont get around and try all we have tried they are delicious.  its only in comparison that they fall so short.



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