Scotch symphony- this was the big number of the. All dressed up in kilts with some lovely moments, but not worth seeing again

The Duo Concerto I have seen before. On stage two dancers with a piano and violin. We saw something about this with the hands reaching for the lights but I willl be damned if I can remember a thing about it

Sonatine was lovely. Again just two dancers this time with a piano. Of the three pieces so far this was my favorite

The rest of the orchestra has returned.

Last will be The Stravinsky Violin Concerto

And most of it I really liked. At first they came in groups of five. Four men one women. Four women one man. Five guys, five gals. Then the couples. And that’s when I realized why I wasn’t living the evening.

Not dancy enough. So stiff. It was movement but not soft or flowing or particularly graceful.

I won’t complain. I love the ballet.

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