Ballet Again

It’s a few lovely trips to the NYCB for me. Tonight there are three

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue, Barber Violin Concerto and Diamonds

A Peter Martins sandwiched between two Balanchines

I know diamonds and love it. The other two are new to me

This was so fun. And the music!! A pink stage. Energetic Broadway dancing. And funny. Definitely sit in the front row for this!

Well— the Peter Martin was also Amazing. Is it just that I’m in a better mood tonight or is it just a wonderful program. I wasn’t sure at first. The first couple was traditional, beautiful, but they left the stage too soon and a more modern couple took over. Then there were all four.

It was fascinating to watch these two couples on the same stage at the and time with same music doing two such different interpretations

Then they switched on me again. Trading off partners. I can’t explain what I thought or felt I was so taken by what I was watching. I could have almost lost myself in it. But I don’t do that

Now, at intermission waiting for Diamonds. I think it’s going to rain but I’m not thinking about leaving big early

The conductor is so on tonight – I can’t wait to see what’s coming

And it’s a tutu ballet. I love it. Only the soloist forgot per panties. She finally got them midway through. I kid you not.

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