Yes, Ballet again

and I anticipate great things!

Valse-Fantaisie. Choreography by Balanchine

Second up is A Suite of Dances- I think this is the one we saw Robbins make on Baryshnikov in a movie some months back.

Bartok Ballet by Pam Tanowitz. Her first work for NYCB.

Then Bright by Justin Peck

AND Back to Balanchine with Western Symphony

And I’m sitting practically in the timpanists lap! I usually sit left but tonight I am right. Oh yeah

And I just noticed this.

I know that needs brightening. But more importantly, will we be having a private little concert?

Let’s see what I think as the night progresses

Valse Fantaisie  – just what I like,  a great tutu ballet.

A Suite of Dances

Barton Ballet. This was bad. We did get a lovely quartet and with my earplugs in if I didn’t watch the disjoint dancing and saw just the quartet it was bearable

Bright. It was like sorbet. And I was sitting on top of all the chimes. Too short. We all agreed. I’m sitting with a lovely gentleman who enjoyed the golden girl costumes and two lovely ladies. One from Baltimore the other from Texas who is still repairing her mothers home here in Rockaway that was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

And Western Symphony- cowboy outfits and all.

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