Guang Fu Inc.

What a day. On the continuing mission to try all the soup dumplings in New York City and beyond I headed out to 8th Avenue in Brooklyn.

Well, thats where I thought I was headed to when I got on the subway to Queens. Well, I arrived at Queens Plaza and eventually got off when i heard the train wasn’t stopping until Roosevelt. WHat’s Roosevelt? I better check. Well, I was headed in the wrong direction so back into Manhattan to change trains at Herald Square, only I got caught up reading and went three stops too far, so back on the third train to Herald Square.

This time I got it right! The N train to Coney Island. By the time I arrived, 2 hours after leaving the house it was raining. Across the street and into the Fei Long Market. What a fun experience.

I was clearly the only non-chinese in the vicinity. As I walked in there was a small food court with tables filled with people eating all sorts of bowls of one thing or another.

I found the soup dumpling place and headed to my table.

Pretty good. I wanted to bring home a roast duck but decided the trip home was too long. I went back into the grocery store , got myself some soy sauce and headed back to the train.

And got into the exact samovar that had brought me there. Same posters and same tape on the seat. How weird is that?

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