Saturday- Soho

Ah, today is chinese food market day down on Brick Lane. We had spotted a Bar place and sought it out for lunch… skin too think. So we picked up a couple of dumplings and not so thrilled there either… BUT.. i will go back because I like Chinese and there were a dozen different stalls. We sat out back and this is just the neighborhood…

Art all over. One day I will have to take the camera out and do a real photo hour…

Then it was back on the #8 to John Lewis and a long walk to Soho which was crowded and definitely a place to avoid on the weekend.

We did walk down Saville Row and do some window shopping

The nordic bakery was weak but interesting. I would not recommend it when there are dozens of other places to try and snack. If you do go I am guessing that the cinnamon bun is the thing tottery. We had a chocolate cake that was supposed to be fuzzy but turned up dry and some sort of interesting, in a good way, square oven baked pancake drizzled with honey.

then Soho where we found an Italian Deli or two and a couple of bakeries. I Camisa and Son was the hit of the day with some fabulous spicy sopressetta and a lovely prosciutto. I grabbed a few black crab ravioli and a couple of lobster ones which I hope to cook up later and drizzle with a butter and cheese.

Our wanderings brought us to Lina store which seemed to have a nice salami selection but was simply to crowded to wait for.

Our walk brought us past a few things. Sothebys with a jewel collection, a church whose steps end at the street…and a place for a great aBritish Burger.

the second sighting of a mushroom on a rooftop

and a place to go back to…

Then the icing on the otherwise yummy cake ( even if the day was way too hot) was our last stop at Cutter and Squidge. It was so beautiful. UPDATE: the cake went great but the


Their Signature product, the Biskie is a sandwiched dessert that is a cross between a cake and a cookie filled with a cream and other delights such as handmade jams and award winning salted caramel. And we took home a limited edition Billionaire Dream Bar

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