Sunday Market on our doorstep

With food and clothes and cupcakes and bread and any sort of junk you an imagine…

First order of the day – Lunch

We had some unusual and very special “pig raised on a farm where they are blah blah blah” with magnificent roasted potatoes topped with a duck egg. We brought home pork for later in the week and some over-the-top mini cupcakes. Everyone will be back next Sunday, and the Sunday after, is this heaven or what?

After lunch we headed out for the days adventure. Vodafone for internet. The journey took us to Westfield Mall in Stratford. I cannot say any good things about it. Shopping at a mall on a Sunday is like the depths of Hell. We did meet a lovely young lady at the Apple Store who gave a great explanation for using my phone, I am feeling better. And we got a 100 gig plan and took the bus home.

The bus was headed to Elephant & Castle, clearly you know that is a place I have wanted to go since first stumbling on it in a google search.

We didn’t go all the way but did have a pleasant ride with plenty to see. It was a hot day and the front upstairs seat is not the place to be with the sun streaming in so we sat back in a slightly cooler spot and watched the world pass us by.

a coffee cup atop a bus shelter

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