In the Neighborhood Today

I think I really love where we have chosen to stay in London. Today I am waiting for a delivery, and after receiving an email from the delivery service I checked in online and saw there were 83 deliveries before me. Isn’t that clever. So, if I want to run out to see something or take a shower, I can, i think? But I wait and they end up leaving the new ottoman downstairs.

So after a snack for lunch I head out to see where I am. I had spotted the Nomadic Garden the other day from the train and thought to walk down on the streets along the rail tracks and see what I can find.

But first I head towards a gallery i think is having an exhibit that I saw listed in something….

A Retrospective of over 900 Miniature Paintings
by Lorraine Loots
4-9 June 2019
Each of those spots in the center is a painting

“For 6 days, Espacio Gallery will be transformed into a treasure trove of tiny artworks for lovers of the miniature form. The exhibition will comprise of the largest show ever hosted by renowned South African miniaturist Lorraine Loots, showcasing over 900 penny-sized watercolour paintings created over a timespan of 6 years.”


Then next door to Motown Coffee & Desserts where I got a caramel tart which we had for dessert. We were of mixed opinions, I liked it.

The shop had a little room in back and is open late so maybe we will go one night and try the chocolate cake? or a brownie?

And on down toward Brick Lane. Its right here, very famous, and I haven’t walked it to just see what’s here. It should lead me to the Nomadic Community Garden so off I go.

Another spot to stop in to for dessert.

A yukelele shop

I think the place I was looking for is behind this wall. The garden is on one side of the tracks, and this other thing is on the other.

just loved the outfits

what a great place to be.

Bought some apples from one of the neighborhood shops, looked at spices and foods that were unknown to me in another, and found yet another where we can anything and everything for the house.

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