Gail’s at South Ken Station

Yummy cookie and a wide selection of lunch items and baked goods.

Gail’s showed up on a number of lists and google searches for the best bakery, cookie, brownie and so when I saw the sign outside the station and was starving at 3 pm having not had lunch I had to go in.

I got a very gooey cookie that had been sitting in the sun all afternoon and it was good. Oh so very good… sweet, soft, chocolatey, and a bit messy. Gail’s is a chain and next time I see one I will surely be tempted to pop back in.

As I discover more of London and the areas start to make some sense to me I am going to try to include some info. Here goes. This is the tube stop to get to the V&A, the Science Museum and The Natural History Museum. They can be accessed via a tunnel which is great if its rainy or otherwise unpleasant outdoors. The V&A has a direct entrance but I didn’t find one to the Natural History.

Also this is a nice walk from/to Sloane Square where you can do a bit of shopping on a lovely street that also has a tube station.

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