Walking Again

After spending the morning inside watching the rain I remembered I am a Londoner now and I grabbed my umbrella and my raincoat and I trotted off to a far off grocer on a new route hoping to find a pair of boots. I didn’t find the boots but I did find a really good brownie ! We must go for lunch someday, or to buy mustard of which it appeared they had a large selection fr sale.

I can add this to the list in my head of things that are different from America. !, Take away prices are different from eat in pricing. And the price you see, well, its the price you pay. Which is sort of nice.

I can’t help it, every time i see this sign I see toilet….

There is a very nice old cemetery that one walks through to get to the market, its fascinating that no one seems to look at whats around them. The old gravestones are mostly over 5 feet tall and they have these long stories carved into them. The place is a bit overgrown ut clean and the pathway through is well travelled.

On my way back as I wandered aimlessly I cane upon a street that seemed very American to me. First the best American Pizza, then a Taste of Tennessee then American coffee. Nothing tempting to go back for but a fun thing to notice.

Shoreditch is considered the place to be and is full of street art. If I didn’t know how well situated we were I would think perhaps we are in a slum. But the art is interesting and there already seem to be new things popping up. One of the things I have really noticed is wings popping up everywhere.

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