Lunch and a haircut, Olive Oil and Eggs,

Heading out this morning with no certain destination my basic goals were to buy some Olive oIl and Eggs and see what Columbia Road looks like when the Sunday Flower Market isn’t going on. First to the Brick Lane Post Office which is a tiny desk in a trinket shop then across the main road ( whose name I should learn) and up and over a bit?

And then distraction number 1… A small path that runs along the overground, and it lead right past the nomadic Community Garden that I have been searching for.

But I did find the entrance and will go back another day. Rather than going in today I really wanted to walk and discover and try to orient myself, I still dont know where I am 98% of the time.

So I continued down the path and found a man getting ready to paint the wall, I must go back and see what he does… thats what tomorrow is for.

We have wondered when and how all this graffiti art happens and now I have an answer. You want to paint, you can. As a matter of fact I was looking for a backpack ( here we call them rucksacks?) and they had one designed to hold our cans, at an angle, for easy access.

Further on I found a farm, with animals!


and here the path stopped at a street I have never seen. There was a school, a few shops, some people walking and I said a little prayer and headed in a direction I hoped would bring me near to Columbia Road.

Most of the shops were closed but I did peek into a Spanish restaurant that deserves a return visit and a few pretty little places that were closed, so I kept on going, into the great unknown.

And that is where i found lunch. A small place called premises where most tables were full at 2 in the afternoon. Once salted my Carbonara was pretty good and I took a piece of chocolate cake home with me…delicious. I am always searching out baked goods, brownies and chocolate cakes and it wasn’t the most beautiful or intricate cake I have tried, but it was delicious, home made super duper yummy in the tummy delicious.

The last stop of the day was Leilas. As I am determined to support smaller retailers now that it has become clear to me that I assisted Jeff Bezos in destroying the world, I knew here I could at least get eggs. As it turned out she has visited the farm where the chickens live and reports they are happy and the yolks are a deep rich color. And yes, she has olive oil, bring your own bottle, or buy one from here. Those two things followed by a caramel rounded out a nice spree.

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