Cake, Columbia Road and Chinese

Up and Out early on this drizzling Sunday morning to get some big flowers for my new vase. Wound up with Lilys… which should open on Wednesday. It was packed and I dont know enough to tell one good bloom from another so I think I have decided that from now on, I buy from the first vendor.

I took a walk around the block before heading down to the Market at Brick Lane for lunch. I stopped in at the Cake Hole, which I understand is another way to speak of ones mouth, and got a brownie. Either they gave me the wrong thing, as it was full of fruit, or they make the worst brownie ever. I may have to pop in next week to ask. its a cute little sit down place in the back of a niknak shop on Columbia Road

Fortunately, I also passed by Kahaila which had cakes in the window and grabbed a piece of chocolaty butterscotch cake that we really did enjoy. This week we had two kinds of pasta for lunch and a duck burger which consisted of duck and its crackling on a bun with some rocket (the UK version of lettuce on a sandwich) and truffle honey.

Lots to see on my wanderings..

These heads were this months display a sneaker shop in the neighborhood. Every month they change this little alcove into some other sight, with a bouncer keeping watch.

Then for dinner to Sichuan Folk – Their signature dumplings which were passable, fried spare ribs which we won’t bother ordering again but wonderful string beans. The place seemed to be filled with regulars who had some idea what they were ordering and how to eat it. Next time I go for the whole fish…

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