A new day, a new way – Connaught Village

Walked down to Liverpool Street Station to take the Circle or Hammersmith and City Line but a Metropolitan Line train came first. So, in the spirit of not caring, I hopped on and took it to Baker Street. About a ten minute walk to Edgware Road which is the starting point for the day.

I’m trying something new today- using two resources. The 50 walks in London box and my new London Villages book.

I will be wandering in the same part of town as when we visited some of the parks on the open parks day. But I think different streets from a different direction.

I selected at random Connaught Village from the London Villages book and then looked through the walks cards trying to find one that sort of fit. I took photos of them and decided to get where I was going, have lunch and look at the information while I was eating. I forgot to do that and wound up having a bit of a different day… all good.

On my walk to Liverpool Street I saw this guy preparing a wall for some sort of mural. He was obviously planning to film so I must remember to go back and see how it turns out.

Once of the tube at Baker Street and walking I found myself on Crawford Street and after a short way saw a sidewalk cafe, Boxcar, where the clientele looked local and happy. Ordering inside and given a number I enjoyed a mushroom soup and a piece of salmon.

The salmon was more like a baked salmon from Sables than a baked salmon like I would make in the oven. All good. As I left and looked around I realized I had been in this spot before, I recognized the courtyard next door.

Then off toward some treetops which I assumed was a park and a peek at my phone to see that I was headed in the general direction of Connaught Village.

I found myself passing a few private parks, some lovely street and then into the streets of Connaught Village. How lovely, better than expected but I had neither saved room for lunch nor needed a dessert, nor had I read up on what to do or see so I walked through slowly but directly knowing I want to go back.

Another peek at my GPS and I am practically in Hyde Park so with hours to go before I am worn out I head into Hyde Park expecting some version of New York’s Central Park but it wasn’t at all. It was wide open with walking paths and few people and much silence.

Now this is something I have never seen anywhere else and what a great thing it is. I saw it when I reached the bottom after tasing a number of very healthy people going up. It felt like a lot more than 78 to me even divided as it was into sets going one direction then the next.

and the story of a lost item returned

and a bit of art on the subway walls just to make one smile.

The tube was hot and crowded so I got off at bank street and walked home following shiny things and most anything that caught my interest. That is how I accumulated 13, 897 steps this day.

It took me so long to complete this post that the picture below is the finished product that started the post. I did in the meantime learn how to resize my photos for a quicker upload.

And keeping my fingers crossed that I will get to the theatre this week to see Matthew Broderick in Starry Messenger.

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