Wallace Collection

this is another old post of notes that really are for my personal use.

I can say the Wallace collection was FABULOUS and a must visit.  I might make it the only museum I saw if I could see only one.  Its in a great part of town to wander and eat.

I was here, outside, a few weeks ago when we were doing the parks tour and googled Wallace Collection. Once at the site I scoured for tours and talks and here I am with a handful of other women sitting in the research library.

I was able to take a ten minute walk through the collection already having arrived early. My suggestion- when you walk in the entry doors take a moment and wallow in the grand red staircase. It sets the tone for the magnificence you are about to behold

Currently there is a Manolo Blanik exhibit going on and as I wandered I noticed the beautiful shoes interspersed with the rest of the colllection. Primarily French in origin this is what I imagine I could be if I bought everything I saw that I liked

There are paintings and sculptures and silver and boxes and hidden under leather covers in glass cases are waxes. I’m not sure I have ever seen or heard of such a thing. Like hand sized cameos in full color. And dozens of them

Upstairs you will find works by the likes of Rembrandt displayed three high on every wall. Colorful and exquisitely carved furniture and vases of every shape and size

I often find myself asking when I am in a collection like this or reflecting on the experience about why. Why do I come? What is the point?

below : 1930 explosion at the Wallace collection. Curved glass on a gold box

The collection was donated to the state 1897. Athens archives are only part able to grow because of terms of bequest

The library was a bomb shelter perhaps a kitchen

Marquee of Hartford. House like this during their life times

Bankruptcy in 1840 then bailed out by dad and later inherited.

They have a book of photographs and a visitors book to come see collection. 245 pages of signatures. One gal worked list last year. Dating to prior to the museum. So 1880.

Hartford house. Not bombed. Items moved. Some to paddongton station

Books on where to house collection.


94 outside selftidges to Piccadilly Circus. Definitely a shopping district/ tourist area. All the big names including a Zara a sunglass hit and a Disney store.

Nice feeling going down Regent Street with the confidence that I had been here before

Well. Too late for lunch at Piccadilly food market which is held in the church courty until 2??

So a quick walk here and there before deciding to take jubilee line home. I’m not the greatest tourist. Generally I take a quick look then think about going back to do more. Nothing here looked tempting fir a return trip.

I did find a little chocolate shop. Funny. It looked outrageously expensive but I think it was just very pricey compared to a few others we have been to. Going to taste them after lunch. Will fill you in

The area , as far as I can tell, is called Mayfair. Now, the royal art institute is here which I might come back for on a Monday or Tuesday to grab lunch at the market but the restaurants all had that expensive tourist feel and I wouldn’t make a trip just for that.