Last night we met up at Tanakatsu for a sushi dinner before going to see the Birmingham Royal Ballet at Sadlers Wells. I was looking forward to Jessica Lang’s Lyric Pieces but it turned out not to be as good as I remembered. It featured large black accordion pieces moved around the stage. The second piece on the program though was amazing. Not really my sort of piece as I tend to like traditional dance.

But I thought this piece was unbelievable, I loved every moment of it. There really wasn’t that much dancing, just movement around a wall of suitcases. It was a commission by Didy Veldman who created a new work set to a score by Gabriel Prokofiev.

I really do love dance and was so excited for the evening. We haven’t had much asian food which I am accustomed to eating 4 times a week so the added pleasure of a good sushi dinner would have been enough. But the night was perfected by a stop at Hummingbird Bakery in Islington just steps from the Angel station and minutes from Sadlers Wells. A fabulous frosted brownie.

And it turns out Sadlers Wells is in a lovely little area that has a market, the Exmouth Market, at lunch during the week. So a lovely night at the Ballet turned out to be an amazing night of so many things. Including this amazing way to check your coat.

Seeing this doorway with dogs instead of lions!

And catching a bus right home after… Loving this life!

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