Victoria Food Hall, Dominique Ansel and…

Ah, today has been a big day. Decided to give the blog a new look, do a bit of simplifying, and narrow down my focus. I have no idea what or how to narrow down the focus but I have become intrigued by the way I can eat in London. The entire Food Hall, Street Stall, Market system is intriguing and while I continue to search for the best cakes, cookies, brownies, chocolate shoppes and sweets in general I am going to let finding weekday lunch in these food halls/ markets be my guide. At least for the time being.

So after running over to Tottenham Court Road, the center for all things home, and taking care of a couple of errands, I found myself with a choice of Mercoda Metropolitano or Victoria Food Hall. VFH won out by virtue of being closer. And after three attempts in the wrong direction after arriving at Victoria Station, I made it and I am so happy. Dumplings!!! Finally the Chinese dumpling flavor of home!!

I walked around this small two story food hall (home to 12 – 15 vendors) three times unable to find what I was craving, before I sat at a table where they have conveniently placed menus from all the stalls in the hall. I went through thoroughly and purposely to find something I wanted to eat. I passed by breakfast, ice cream, steak, sausage, noodles, wings and plenty more to settle on a reasonably large plate of dumplings in chili sauce from Baozilnn.

Tips on finding this place. I took the tube and got off at Victoria, Citymapper said I was pretty well there, I wasn’t, I was. I started the search in the covered restaurant hall where I exited the station. I should have walked out, turned right past the Victoria theatre where Hamilton is playing (look for the Ballerina on top). I should have clung to that side of the street to finally arrive in the food hall. I probably could or should have taken a different exit but if I had I wouldn’t have seen what I saw.

and what did I see you ask….It’s Wimbledon this week and all over London apparently there are big screens and chairs set up to view. This was upstairs at Cardinal Place which was where I rose out of the Victoria tube line.

The shopping area that is Cardinal Place seemed more like a collection of restaurants

And this is the stairway I took up to see the tennis match. Did I mention it’s Pride Week.

and a look at the Cardinal Place…

and as I walked out…

and the Victoria Theatre which I used as a landmark…

UPDATE July 8, 2019: I always love to read something about a place I have been or a thing I have seen and this article about the Disappearance of Pavlova, the ballerina above, just appeared before my eyes.

And then of course, after lunch I had to look for a bakery…

I found Dominique Ansel which I love in New York and it’s even better here because there is NO line out the door. The DKA was as good as ever and for the first time I tried a chocolate cookie. You can’t argue with delicious.

I kept walking aimlessly and passed through a little bit of street/village feel, a lovely street of homes, a park or two and a sign.

Another lovely day in London!

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