The Train to Wapping and a Walk to The Tower of London…and a pub

We took the overground to Wapping and got off in a little town with tiny cobbled streets. We ducked in between buildings and caught sight of the river, walked on to dinner then on for a lovely walk to The Tower of London which was just closing up. It was after ten when we arrived home and still completely bright outside.

Wapping seemed like a town mostly rebuilt since the war. Sleepy, no major high street to recommend it but the Pub where we ate gave off the feeling of community. Perhaps we weren’t on the right street because I didn’t see a grocery or newsagent or really anything but a few pubs, a park and some things I snapped photos of.

We ate at a pub called the Town of Ramsgate. The place had some history –

Anyway it was nice to be there but the food wasn’t great. We walked on.

We ducked in between a couple of buildings and caught sight of the river and south or east or southeast to ….. someplace whose name I dont know

When we finally reached a pathway that clung to the rivers edge the light was beautiful.

A sculpture dedicated as a Blitz Memorial ” On the site of Hermitage Wharf, which was destroyed in a bombing raid on 29 December 1940.”

And this is beautiful area of homes, Tower Hamlet, seemed well planned and to be a lovely quiet place to settle. We were headed to St. Katherines Docks and walked through this clean bright open area.

I wasn’t sure what I expected of ST Katherines Docks, perhaps old historic docks, but it seemed to be just a lovely community of expensive flats surrounding docks where some live aboard?

As we left the docks the bridge came into view.

AS we walked along the river in front of the Tower Of London a Beefeater informed us that we had to leave as it was closing time. Two questions sprung to mind. 1 – its so light tot how late can it be? After 9 it turns out. And really, it closes? apparently yes.

We walked home snapping pictures along the way of buildings and

This house was set amongst all sorts of more modern business like buildings, It caught my eye. Well maintained, steep steps. I just like it.

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