Lunch at Lyles In Shoreditch

I am not a big fan of sheshe restaurants but I have to admit the food at Lyles was exceptional. They offer a changing menu and by the time we arrived at two were out of half the items. Even at that time the restaurant was crowded and we were lucky to get the last table. They did inform us that the kitchen closes at 2:15 but we weren’t rushed at all. A nice change from food halls and eating while I walk.

The Keat’s Farm salad was amazing as was the trout which was, as you would expect, small. Cooked to perfection with a crisp skin the fish melted in my mouth. We were of mixed opinions on the eel, i liked it, but I like fishy. The meal didn’t come cheap but it was a luxury lunch for me with my son and his girlfriend so I was happy just to be there. I liked the service, one item at a time so we paced ourselves, then went for a walk before heading out to the theatre tonight.

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