Bitter Wheat

Starring John Malkovich at the Garrick Theatre.

I am a fan of Malkovich but had heard not good things about the show so rather than buying the best seats in the house I went for discounted seats with a pole in my view. And it turns out the pole didn’t bother me at all. We sat in Row U seats 19 and 20. I was able to look down the aisle so was not bothered by the tall man in front of me. We were pretty far back but I would certainly buy these seats again and use the 50 pounds I save to do something else, like buy new bedlinen.

At the time I bought the tickets I wasn’t familiar with London Theatre Direct which I have since learned about. Tickets aren’t always discounted and I have had better luck when I looked 5-10 days out rather than the day of or weeks in advance. We got our Sadlers Wells tickets there and loved our seats. But now I wonder how cheap I could have gotten these seats!

The show. Not great subject matter, a fat rich white guy throwing his weight around, acting like a child, manipulating and insulting. But in the age of #metoo a good shot at looking at the story of how these men get away with what they do. It wasn’t until after I had slept and given the show some thought that I finally saw the role of the woman who enabled him. She perhaps more than he is a curiosity.

I cannot say I would recommend seeing the show, you can read this every day in the papers, but it did make for good multi generational conversation at dinner and that alone might be reason enough to take your kids or your parents.

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