Nomadic Community Garden, Pizza East and Blanche Eatery – Notting Hill and Portobello Road Market

After heading down Brick Lane to finally see inside the Nomadic Community Garden we took a quick trip up to see what is the Portobello Road Market and a general peek at Notting Hill while my son was visiting. We had a tasty but incredibly slow lunch at Pizza East. We were lucky to get a table but the hostess who took our order forgot to put it into the kitchen, then no one seemed interested in bringing us drinks, then a young man took our order, then it came out wrong, then we got our drinks. But the weather was good and besides the air conditioning vent dripping water on us, lunch was lovely affair.

Our white pizza with truffles, limp and the truffles were all in a bunch

Nomadic Community Garden – I love to see a community pull together and this garden seems to be just that. Local ladies from the Bangladeshi community gardening alongside artists who have found a place to express themselves, next to those who want to build, and those who just seem to want a quiet place to sit. It’s all here. I am not sure if it is a weekend thing or not but there were a couple of stands selling water and fruit drinks and perhaps a sandwich or bit of fruit.

I loved the wander. I am certain it is a place you can return to over and over again and continue to see new things.

The counter at Blanche eatery, fine cookie not so fine brownie.

The market was big and not as crowded as any of the other Sunday markets I have been to, and I loved the bit I saw of the Notting Hill area and the high street so I will be back,

We walked into a little dead end mews.

Sadly we didn’t have a lot of time so only a few minutes to see the colors of Notting Hill. I was especially taken by the colorful cars in front of the colorful homes.

And that about sums up 200 minutes on Saturday.

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