I love this place. We had breakfast here this morning and though the service was slow the breakfast was good and the place lovely to be in on a cool summer morning. Some of us thought the sausage was too bready, others thought it weird that they cooked two slices of bacon together so they congealed into one. Ok, Lets face it, the food wasn’t great but then again, I’m to sure breakfast is ever great.

Albion is a little shop that I have walked past and into a few times. They have a small grocery in front and a table of cakes which are all more than adequate. It hurts me that I cant rave about this place as it has all the components of a place i want to love. This of course is a problem when you do as I do which is constantly go out and then write about it, causing you to reflect and to always be asking “can i do better or should I go back?’ and so often the answer is to keep looking because things could be much better.

I will be back I am sure for the sweets table, a cookie, a brownie, a cake, a chocolate croissant…all as good as anywhere else.

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