Yoyoi Kusama

The other night we watched an amazing program on the tv about artist Yoyoi Kusama. I will always remember the story and some of her artwork, but I won’t remember her name.

I make note of it here because she happens to be having a show in NY at the David Zwirner Gallery in November when I plan to be there. I know some of her work but I can’t say from where…

I will update once I see the show and try to find a link for the fabulous program we watched. She makes these wonderful colored pumpkins.

The film credited her with inspiring people like Warhol but never getting the credit she deserved. In the end she has found a following and is thought to be a supreme talent, but the hard years led her to a life where she lives outside of general population. Squireeled away in the security of an institution she keeps a studio nearby where she works during the day until returning in the evening. I hope she is happy.

UPDATE: I love when this happens. I see something, learn something, or write something and then within days something connects. Today I ran across an article about women in art in the Guardian. And there she is, Yoyoi, and I learn she accounts for 25% of all dollars at auction on women art work. Shocking, on every level.


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