A Morning Wander on a Canal

We have been watching youtube videos of travels on the over 2000 miles of canals in Great Britain.

And so Brad planned a lovely day. A short walk after a long bus ride last Saturday morning, and we arrive before 10 at the canal.

It is so peaceful. We pass a few walkers and are passed by a few bikers and a rower or two but mostly its just quiet.

I wonder what its like, why someone chooses this life. Its not that I wouldn’t love to travel the canals by one of these narrow barges, but these people seem permanent. Well, I suppose semi- permanent and that is attractive.

On the other side of the embankment is a marshland and fields.

And there are cows in the field. In the city??? Which reminds me- I read that soon there will be sheep on the Heath.

I think this is our first selfie?

Just wandering and looking

and looking and wandering.

A bridge across and we are heading home before the heat does us in.

And we are surprised to find we have landed in a Hasidic community on Shabbat. The families are headed to Shul in all manner of dress.

And this…

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