EFES Turkish Restaurant & the Whitechapel Gallery

At the end of Brick Lane, or the beginning, we chose dinner at Efes because it is close to Whitechapel Gallery where we are headed for an art talk.  The dinner was passable, the evening – well – glad I did it…. glad it is over.

How did it all start? Surprise, again, a google search and I see a nearby  book fair? And into the gallery I go. I’ve heard of The Whitechapel Gallery because of an announcement on the train so I expected something substantial… perhaps I missed it. Granted the main room was closed in preparation for the book fair which turned out to be a sale of art books.

I can say the gallery had an extensive art book collection in its own bookshop with books on many of the local exhibitions I’ve seen- Krassner, Eliasson, Natalia Goncharova.  And this is probably the most interesting part of the gallery.

Upstairs I found two small galleries focused on music. Weird music, it’s history, or composers. I can’t really say. There were plenty of people perusing for such a small space.

I did enjoy the talk but came away a bit hostile as one of the speakers expressed that attitude I hate so much.  He says that he tells his young art students that their art shouldn’t have to be explained.. it should stand on its own.  Well, I think.. NO WAY.  Artist should explain their work, and it should hold up.

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