JEWISH collectors

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1851 the great exhibition where UK was seen as behind sobtget decided to open school of design and educate the collector

Museum was given 12000 pounds for aqisition.

Political upheaval throw out Europe led to church and aristocratic pieces coming to the market.

Ralph Bernal converted to join parliament and collected

A room at sir john soames Marlborough Joyce?

Relied on many dealers to purchase more of the initial collection

Dutch art dealer and collector Murray marks. Oriental porcelain

Siegfried bing. Parisian dealer. Art nouveau and contemporary Japanese art.

SJ Phillips. Built Gilbert collection

In 1863 9000 objects vs today’s 2 million

Museum sought out private donors

Lionel Rothschild house waddesdon manor open. Mentored tower privately owned

Lionel was part of first society of collectors FINE ARTS CLUB.

Prior to 1899 the VA was south Kensington museum

The club ( and others-500) loaned 9000 objects. 1862. This is where idea of gift came from?

ISADORE SPIELMANN. BRITISH section that toured early 1900. He started the ART FUND. ??? Blenheim palace???


Mrs Hannah gubbay. Porcelain. 18th century ? BRITISH. ?? She collected pieces rather than sets. Bequeathed some silver to VA.

This was not really Jewish stuff

But the VA judaica collection was built… spirlmam conceived 1887 Anglo Jewish exhibition. VA loaned 25 pieces. But not heavily Jewish donated in quantity

1950s HILDBURGH big donation of judaica but he was not particularly linked to Jewish community. So much donation from Christian donors.

Google. Jewish country houses project

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