Eat Tokyo – Holborn

I found good sushi, really good I think. Though I think Eat Sushi is a chain I didn’t get the chain feel.

The chef was clearly in charge, he had his picture in the menu and in deference I ordered the two specials of the day. I sat at the bar, stuck in my headphones, listened to the guys at ‘Stuff you should know’ prattle on about something interesting at the time and took my time to enjoy my lunch.

One of the beautiful things I am trying to remember about my life is that I do not need to rush anymore. I raised my kids, worked hard and have been fortunate enough to set up a life where, for the most part, my time is my own. Sometimes I think I am a model of efficiency then I think I could be the worlds laziest person, EIther way I wake most days knowing I am blessed and try to treat the world with openness and generosity.

It was all good. I don’t know that I would order the same thing again, but I don’t have to. The menu was extensive and next time I will get a salmon and tuna bowl. The woman sitting next to me had one and it looked amazing. My sushi was sweet and soft but the firing and heating was a bit strange, hot sushi! because thats what it was.

In the end I really liked it and will return here or to one f the other branches across London.

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