Kitchen W8

Totally yummy meal at Kitchen W8 and what a lovely place to walk. I got off the tube a 15 minute walk away according to citymapper but I managed to take 45 and I could have taken longer.

According to their website “Kensington’s Michelin starred neighbourhood restaurant, near High Street Kensington and close to the Design Museum”. So now I need to visit the Design Museum!

I am never sure when I go to one of these restaurants where the menu is practically indecipherable, but when I do throw caution to the wind I am almost always pleased. They offer an early bird prix fixe and since we meet before 7 it was open to us. And we got it all.

And it was beautiful to be there, tables spread apart, soft surroundings, we had a lovely table in the corner of the banquette.

and I loved the art!

As we wandered to the station…

And a few other places around to try…

Raj – for Indian

Vivience – for a pedicure

Oree – for cake, cookies, yummy looking desserts.

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