Aldgate and Proscuitto

A quick walk from Brick Lane we headed to Bellavita Italian Deli for some Prosciutto etc. It was a slow cool walk and I had no expectation to see anything great but I think I really liked the neighborhood as a place to live.

There is a Curzon Cinema, a number of promising looking restaurants, a tube stop, a few cafes and of course an Italian Deli.

And then there was The Pastry Parlour where we picked up a dry but flavorful piece of chocolate cake and a slice of some other dreamy looking chocolate pastry.

At Bellavita we were able get a few cheese, a spicy salami sliced perfectly thin, our prosciutto, a pesto and a garlic and a slice of chocolate cake.. updates to come

Fun stuff we saw…

Horses… Hamish Mackies Goodman’s Fields Horses… a commission by a building in Aldgate. Life size horses running through water, and the best part is the little fountains that burst up periodically in the timing and sound of horses running.

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