Back in NY and did I ever wander

I am so happy to be back in NY. In the past couple of weeks I have eaten and shopped, walked and watched, stayed in, ordered in, seen the Ballet, gone to the Opera, visited museums and my daughter came to visit.

But today stood out because I just explored, I was in the moment, I was on a real wander. The weather was perfect, the path was clear and I enjoyed like I had not a care in the world.

Feeling an urge to get out of the house I started telling people I was going to visit the Cooper Hewitt. So, in order to be a gal of my word I put down the iPad with the new game I have been obsessively playing and headed out. The Plan— Subway up/walk back.

The last few times I have been to CH I have been able to spend an hour. Today it was about 38 minutes. I saw some fabulous flower models, I made wallpaper, and I looked around. Don’t get me wrong, it was great, I felt good and I loved what I saw. It was just quick

They have a fabulous curatorial staff at the museum, I always feel relaxed here and things are displayed in an unhurried and thought out way. Never knowing what I will find adds to my pleasure. Today, embroidery, and a room of mens embroidered vests.

I have to say this was so much fun. When you go to the Cooper Hewitt they offer you a pen. There are places to play and you can save things with the pen to a website for future access. This was the immersion room. You can see my playmate drawing a cat, you can see it spread across the table, then as wallpaper all around the room.

I couldn’t help making some of my own

and then the coolest room, it looked like large light bulbs just hanging, but as you approached it seemed to sense your presence and inside the bulbs came alive.. butteries bouncing and tapping around inside.

It still wasn’t 5 pm when I got out so with hours of daylight remaining I decided to walk the northern end of Central Park. I rarely get up here, I think I have only been here twice, so in at 90th Street I went, up to the reservoir, and at a slow pace I just saw the view. I watched the entire city enjoying its day.

Kids playing, people sitting, bikers and strollers and joggers all in this beautiful afternoon.

One of my favorite things to do is read the inscriptions on the benches.

I walked through the Conservatory Garden and into the pergola…

Up through the North Woods which we visited last year, only this time I was on my own. There were places that I walked that were dead quiet, where I was totally alone in the middle of all this.

A slight breeze, squirrels and birds and then a waterfall.

And as you think every detail has been considered, you have seen every beautiful view, you come upon this scene.

As I emerged from the woods I could hear kids playing and the sound of 70’s R&B playing on someone’s radio. A father and son were sharing a cocktail looking out over the algae covered lake and relaxing with their cooler of goodies between them. I sat and enjoyed trying to just be in the moment. A tree changing color.. but to be honest, someone had a poopy smell so on I moved.

Within minutes I could see the shops on the west side so since I never walked up here I walked out at about 100th Street and over to Columbus Ave. Brilliant!!! a god moment perhaps, because there was a cake shop!! Into Make My Cakes and the cakes looked beautiful. After trying one at home I can only say Duncan Hines Delicious.

And a cream puff shop… again, delicious, filled with a thick chocolate cream..

Continuing on I could see the new tall tower in the distance and the lights of the city were starting to twinkle. And lucky me, my feet felt fine, I had two slices of cake in my bag and I could walk as long as I wanted to then grab a crosstown bus and never have to pull out a map app. I was free.

I wound up walking all the way home.16,001 steps for the day.

And I cut into my puff from barachou and indeed it was filled with chocolate cream.

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