Houston Ballet at City Center

wow. Choreography by Mark Harris, The Letter V was a wildly fun high energy girls spinning on point never take a breathe ballet. The energy of Hayden’s Symphony 88 in G major was transferred to every step as the 8 green and black gingham clad dancers contrasted with the 8 spinning tossing neon green and black prison striped dancers

One of the most fun ballers I can remember seeing. Close to the Justin Pecks Everywhere We Go that I saw last week at Lincoln Center

Today is turning out to be a great day

The second piece in today’s program , Come In , choreographed by Aszure Barton, had the house silent. I am not sure anyone was breathing as these 13 men clad in black became the music. No leaps. No spins. Just moving. Not the dirt of dance I usually like but with every note the choreography came through. I am still amazed.

And lastly Reflections by Justin Peck.

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