Dashed into The Frick

I just love this house and the museum is so manageable if you want a half an hour of lovely, come in and look around.

See the organ on the staircase…. and look up to see the pipes

Today there are two different exhibitions I popped into one, Eduard de Wall was not so interesting on first view. But the Frick does a fabulous job by providing a huge room with a continuous showing of films on the current exhibitions ( and a great showing about Frick and his home).

After seeing how the deWall pieces were made, I went back and looked again and found I really liked some of them.

They were displayed all over the museum, on tables, tucked under tables, in hallways and in the galleries. I don’t know how a place like the Frick decides to bring in this sort art, which seems not to fit in with the permanent collection but I have come a few times and after I finish gawking at the house I usually find the temporary exhibits are worth the price of admission.

The other exhibition, Édouard Manet was perfect. Just three paintings from the collection of Norton Simon. A collector who died in 1993, he had amassed a large collection with the intent to establish a “museum without wails” , a program to lend out his at work. There is a museum in Pasadena California bearing his name that should be worth a visit

Only three paintings were on display and the two I found interesting were a portrait of Manets wife and the Ragpicker.

The third painting, fish and shrimp, was interesting to me only because I had to wonder why anyone would buy it ?

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