Olafur Eliasson and Natalia Goncharova at The Tate Modern and a wander along the Thames and into Soho

What fun. Not only the Eliasson exhibit but the entire museum. This one is probably worth a membership. The collection is vast and there are 2 members rooms as far as I could tell. When you go to London Museums, admission to the building is free but many of the special exhibits charge. A membership allows you not only free entry but the pleasure of not having to queue up for entry. There is also the Art Fund pass that gets you reduced price, but nothing is as nice as just walking in whenever you like.

So today I wandered the Tate Modern and took in two exhibitions.

The Olafur Elliason was fun and full of interactive spaces. There were plenty of kids playing and it was a great place to be. This is what I came for.

After the Eliasson I saw Natalia Goncharova. I had never heard of her but she was prolific. Not just a painter but a clothing designer and a set designer too.

I found a hidden screening room, that was really right out in the open and sat and watched a bit of film…

Then up to a lookout patio. The lower photo is this wonderful common thing around London. Its not the best photo but it comments on the view in the photo I took while standing there.

Then on to my wandering…

A bit of art hanging outside the OXO building, a guy tracing Homer Simpson in the sand, a skate park, a book sale and some decorated trees. Loving that I am entertained in every direction.

And then I spotted the food court. Not very big but had a Bad Brownie which after some testing I conclude is one of the best easily available in London

And here is another one of those view explainers ( there must be a better word) as I crossed the Thames.

Coming out there was a lovely looking park that I must some day visit.

Then an uneventful ride home

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