OOTOYA, Great Japanese

So the girls are in town for Thanksgiving and we all wanted to see the Christmas market, the tree and the ice skaters at Bryant Park so it was only natural to google ‘best Japanese lunch’. After a few discussions it was settled we would try Ootoya. We arrived to a wait of a half hour so they took our number and we went to the park.

Stock Photo, in actuality the place was packed

It’s the same market as in previous years, not much new, plenty of hot chocolate and dumplings to try and enough vendors to spend some time searching out a new scarf later in the week.

Before we knew it we were back in what felt like the one of the most traditionally Japanese feeling restaurants I think Have been to. The service was superb, the food good, bordering on really good and the price surprisingly reasonable.

For 60 dollars , NO TIPPING, we had over the top yummy chicken wings, the tiniest order of not the best edamame, some pretty good dumplings, 3 skinny pieces of salmon , 2 potatoes croquettes, and a Katsu Toji Set which is what the girls had been looking forward to.

I might go back if I were in the neighborhood, and two doors down there was a Japanese Cheesecake shop that had a growing line that might be a place to try.

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