Ordering in

So we are/ I am on an order in Chinese kick this week. It’s actually my normal condition but this week I went overboard and tried a few new places

King Jade Garden – some super yummy roast pork, a good soup dumpling except the soup spilled out, bland broccoli, and a passable low mein.

Kung Foo Little Steam Bun – this is the go to for a soup dumpling, cannot say I have anything else that hits the spot, or that they have a marvelous dumpling, it is good, the best I have had delivered thus far.

Tri Dim Shanghai – They say (Thomas says) that if we call directly they will deliver to us – and the food was really good the two times I have eaten at the restaurant.

Six Happiness – I don’t think you need to order from only one restaurant if you want dinner, but if you do, this might be it. Everything was almost good, better than fine.

Also had good Italian, if what you like is a mild Marsala and a stuffed calzone. Kiss my Slice/Bella Roma from grub hub

Angelo Bellini – Penne Alfredo with pollo, and a side of broccoli. Very good flavor but the chicken in the penne was very thin and a bit burnt.

Bigoi Venezia – We walked past this little place that serves 12 different past dishes, and that’s it! We ordered 2 pastas, we got The Funghi we ordered and it was not good, we got a bolognas we didn’t order and it also was not good

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