When visiting London you might want to try…

I am starting a list of things to do and websites to visit to help with your trip to London. Or more likely for me when I return. I am on my way to Istanbul and Paris before I head back to the States for a couple of months.

PORTRAIT BENCHES – Traveling outside the center of the city to discover what’s unknown. I sod this sometimes by just setting a goal to see one thing. Today I found a list of benches that promise to take me places I have never been. So if I stick around long enough I may just set out to see them. Each bench is accompanied by a trio of sculptures of famous londoners including Michael Caine and Paddington Bear.

THE END OF THE LINE. Here is a link to what you will find at the end of every tube line.

NATIONAL THEATRE – I just stumbled on a page that seems to indicate that almost every day there is a talk or screening or rehearsal one can attend. I gotta do some of that.

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