A Cozinha da Maria

Not our first pick. And if you read yesterday’s dinner blog you will read of my walk. I hate to share we repeated practically the same walk tonight. Up, down, up, stairs, cobbled streets, alleyways. And in the end had a mediocre dinner in a lovely place but totally tourist.

There were a trio of singers, the wait staff couldn’t have been more helpful, but I would not recommend the place. They say the place one door down to the right is much better.

Still, it was not at all bad – tonight I had the cod….

Brad had the goat, simmered in a red wine. So clearly this is as good a time as any to share photos from today.

We have already had two goat experiences. One in the middle of a neighborhood

The other in the market

and dessert was fantastic, a chocolate cake filled with slivers of biscuits. Very unusual and supremely delicious.

We cannot get over how good the food is and how low the price. All this and a glass of wine for under 40 dollars. We tend to tip in cash… they recommend 1- 2 Euro, we are doing 5 – 10.

And a few recommendations from the wait staff

SE7E, FU-HUA, GIRO, and ITALIA…. we may try them, but we also have a few from other sources and only three days left including Christmas.

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