Casinha Velha and a drive to a castle

The absolutely most wonderfully amazing lunch, in the absolutely most wonderful and amazing setting.

After a long drive up twisting turning roads to try to find a castle, after getting out of the car and walking up steep twisting turning roads to try to find a way to drive to the castle ( see car parked on side of hill at sharp left turn below) we found castle was closed and moved onto twisting turning steep narrow roads towards lunch.

And what a lunch! In a small house – SIDENOTE- It seems you can live between two long abandoned buildings, or maintain a Michelin star restaurant in the middle of a neighborhood where 1 in 5 houses is literally falling apart

and without parking, and where you need to ring the doorbell to come in. And people will come becasue your cook does amazing things, your presentation is fabulous, the service is beyond, and every detail is just so.. just so even I have no ideas how to improve it.

the gentleman who showed us how magically when you ring the bell, someone answers the door.

Without a reservation we were lucky to be seated.. upstairs, at a small table.. and it had a side table for our charcuterie board and serving.

Our charcuterie board…

and basket of bread, including a chorizo bread which was the most amazing non chocolate thing I have ever tasted.


Our Bachalou with French Fries, cartelized onions and cream

Our rooster

our dessert

The Kitchen

the other wonderful things …

and a bargain!

I still haven’t figured out the NIF, it has something to do with providing your tax number so when you pay your taxes there is a record, but I don’t understand why and to what advantage.

what would you have ordered?

I add here a picture of the bubble. It seems these are set up in many of the towns we have visited, they hose Holiday fin zones and the like.

And here a view from the traffic roundabout where we spent much of our time that day

All over, and I mean everywhere, there are deserted buildings, it brings to mind the stories of people buying houses throughout Italy for a single Euro.

and a few miscellaneous photos of the drive and the views

And a few tight places

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