Walking to ALTA for dinner

Night one here in Coimbra, Portugal, I decide we are too far from our restaurant of choice to walk so we drive from Santa Clara where we are staying, across the bridge and into Coimbra. We park on a side street and get out to walk the last 400 meters.

I think to myself I should count my steps, maybe 600 would be 400 meters??? but then get distracted.

First by these vending machines, apparently you can just get dinner on the run here.

Then by the cobbles coming uncobbled

Then by the view

then by this painting on the wall, and the wacky streets.

And this elevator, or tram or whatever you want to call it.

And so we walked on a bit, then tried to find our way…

A word of advice if you are walking this area. Let google talk you through it, DO NOT try to navigate on your own. 8,000 steps, 232 curves, 14 steep mountains later we finally arrived at Alta, I swear, it was directly next to the elevator. In case I need to remind you, the elevator is about where we started!

The walk was lovely and interesting. Such twisting streets and so hilly. Its hard to believe cars can actually get down these narrow roads, how they squeeze between the buildings is amazing.

Now, I will admit the sign was small, and in order to reach the restaurant you had to climb down a flight of stairs, but really – google, I am a convert.

I cannot say it was worth the walk … but it did allow for a guilt free dessert.

Dinner was magnificent

One of the best Caesar salads I have ever had, with bacon, which usually doesn’t work, a shrimp appetizer.

And duck!

then for dessert, the thickest richest creamiest chocolate mousse.

Perhaps it was worth the walk

UPDATE: We did the same ridiculous walk again the following night.

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