Aveiro & pastries, The Drone, The Beach, the summer town and fried fish

Vacationing is becoming exhausting. It seems we leave the house wanting to do one thing, perhaps two, and we wind up doing eight things even though we think we haven’t done any.

The highlight today was flying the new drone!

We went out to the beach near Aveiro and walked, and wrote in the sand, and saw the dunes and the boardwalk, and flew the drone.

We enjoyed a bit of chocolate and pastries in Aveiro, they seem to be known for pastries – Ovos Moles, and we had them two ways.

The shop was outrageous with at least 6 different kinds to choose from. Everyone was very helpful and as with most places a bit of pardon/abrigada worked wonders. We also went to a tinned fish store, leaving that for another trip.

Lunch was good and beautiful, but we thought the fish could have been better and the shrimp were all stuck to their shells, so its a no on recommendations for Mare Cheia in Aveiro.

The town of Aveiro was charming in some ways. We especially liked the decorated utility boxes

One thing we have noticed that the area of the country where we have been is much more about the cat than it is about the dog.

We moved onto dinner in what can only be described as a summer beach town. It was deserted but fully decorated for the holidays

We aren’t sure what the name of the restaurant was bt two older gentleman took good care of us.

one helped us choose our fish

The other prepared it beautifully

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