Palace in the Sky, a dam, a drive, and roundabouts

After traversing many winding roads and one cemetery we arrived at the Forrest.

After paying 5 Euro to enter and park we got a quick look at the Bussaco Palace Hotel and the nature reserve that surrounds it.

The hotel was over the top grand and DEFINITELY a place to spend a night or two.

In the dry season though. Today the grounds and reserve were too wet to enjoy

The Military Museum of the Buçaco is located outside the property. We didn’t go in.

Then off to lunch at restaurant Orlando

Orlando restaurant- a tough steak, great fries, the bacalou dish with cream potatoes and onions and once again a fresh salad. Bright crisp and green. Not five stars but certainly three.

We really cannot get over how inexpensive it is to eat here in Portugal.

Winding our way back we couldn’t help but notice the logging industry around us

And we visited a dam. Who doesn’t love a good dam!

As on all our drives we noticed the devotion of the Portugese to the roundabout, and in so many there were wonderful sculptures and fountains and today was a day full of them.

And although all of these aren’t from this drive. They are just a small number of the many we saw.

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