Museum of Glass

We had a big day and a lovely drive to the Museum of Glass.

The museum was made up of three separate buildings. The first held a temporary exhibit of Christmas glass on the main floor and a permanent display of older glass upstairs. Entrance fee was 1.50 Euro so an absolute bargain for all you get to see.

As with so many of the buildings here this one had a history and the museum tried its best to preserve it. The interior brick walls were covered over in acrylic to keep them visible and protected.

A big beautiful glass chandelier

In the next building there was an exhibition of glass blowing

and next door a gentleman had a small shop where he too demonstrated his glass art

I thought this was fantastic, and much easier to maintain than an actual fish tank.

In the final building, which is covered in glass in a courtyard hidden behind older buildings

there was a fun display for the holiday in the main entry

and in the two upper floors were exhibits of more modern glass.

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