Kew Gardens at Christmas time & Petite Coree

I have meant to go to Kew a few times this past year when the weather has been right knowing it would be a big walk around and I was right. We lucked out that the night we got there the air was cold but not freezing, the weather was dry and there was no wind.

As we entered it was terribly crowded.

But as we got deeper in the crowds subsided a bit

The lights were great. More low key than the Staten Island experience from last year, but certainly worth the trip.

And my first favorite

My second favorite

and my third favorite, but not necessarily in that order.

And at the end they had a big fountain

That they projected pictures onto

We wanted to wait for it to say happy new year.. but we got to cold.. so as soon as we walked away, it said it


On the way home we changed trains at West Hampstead and lucked into a little asian place, The Petit Coree where we had some yummy spinach, dumplings, pork belly and miso brownie.

This was a fabulous meal and I might come back next time I change trains in West Hampstead.

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