St. Albans!!! The Pudding Stop & all the restaurants

So many things about the UK are different and so many words we assume we know that we don’t.

Last week I learned that curry is the generic term to describe all Indian food, uh, no. It was while we were having dinner at the Taste of Raj in Southgate that I finally figured it out. But that was the week after St. Albans so I am not there quite yet.

And now comes to pass that pudding means any dessert!!

Any dessert, be it Ice Cream or cake or an actual pudding and that is what drew me to the Pudding Stop. Not only did they have a fabulous caramel blondie type thing but you could take home from the frig something small to bake later.

The town had at least 5 other bake shops and I hate to say, I did not try them.

I did meet a lovely man named Barry selling baked goods at the market. He was trying to recreate a Levain’s cookie but had never tried one.

Market day is Wednesday and Saturday

His cookie was good, but not a Levain.

Our first meal was at the Peahen which was maybe a ‘luncheon pub’. It had a nice homey feel and we met a trump supporter and his companion and after they left had mediocre food.

We ate at Lussman’s and had rabbit, a warning on the menu suggested we be careful as there might be buckshot .

I had lunch at The Ivy – Truffled Mushrooms with potatoes followed by the Shepherd’s Pie.

The Ivy was lovely and clearly popular but they gave me a terrible table and the food was good but not as good as it could have been.

The next day at L’Italiana was better…

On Sunday Brad took me a for a proper Sunday Lunch of roast and potatoes with veg at the most out of the way little pub. We sat in the back of the bar with the regulars.

The Brocket Arms –

Lunch was good. And looked much like I had expected.

And a roaring fire

The fireplace was big enough to stand in, but they just put a table in.

Then off for a country drive, through Welwyn Parish and its cemetery and past some of it’s residents out for a walk.

Plenty of narrow lanes and open fields.

And a little bit of history. I am not sure where in London he walked to but today the drive could be almost two hours so it was probably a very long walk.

I did a bit more than eat, I did a bit of shopping but never got to the Roman Ruins so am hoping to return and do a bit of history around town.

Our last night we ate at Loch Fyne. Please – do not go. The food was fine but the place just wasn’t pleasant. They offered us the worst table, next to the bussing station and the restaurant was empty. We moved because they sat screaming children next to us, and it was impossible to get the waiters attention.. The town offers better choices and when we return we must remember to make advance reservations at Thompson. We tried a few times, always fully booked.

I am calling St. Albans a wonderful place to spend a few days if you are near London and have had enough of the city.

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