Goldman Gallery & Grolier Club

Such a lovely day and back in NYC. After a morning of errands I found myself looking up at the Hermes store.

At first I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that I wished I could get to the top. So, I followed a stream of people inside and wow. Really beautiful. With a big winding staircase up the middle, what a lovely place.

So, i wandered a bit, looking and touching and made my way to the housewares section where I immediately forgot what I had come for.

If you need a 7500 dollar backgammon board or a 3500 dollar throw emblazoned with someone else’s name on it then this is a lovely place to go

Then on to the Grolier Club on East 60 between Park and Madison. Grolier is a private club dedicated to the book and its collectors. From what I can tell a few times a year a member is selected to exhibit and curate their collection. The club is then open for the public to come and see. I have never been disappointed. I don’t always stay long though today I did as I learned 500 years of women’s work.

The large Gallery on the main level was open for the first time since I started coming here and it was filled with books and some paraphernalia dating back to the 1600’s. All focused on women and their work.

There were publishers and authors and notes from women fighting good causes.

A photo of the collection at home

I spent about an hour looking at everything. The history that was told was thorough and I saw a number of things I didn’t ever think existed. I am thinking of going back.

Then I wandered up the stairs to the smaller gallery I am familiar with. I wasn’t sure if there was anything going on but I decided to try and how very fortunate I did.

Can you imagine thinking to collect the scribbles and doodles and margin notes. But that is what makes the Grolier so interesting.

I think the photos do a wonderful job resenting what was there and I can’t imagine my commentary would add to it. But I do urge you to check it out when in NY.

There are really 100 candles drawn in!!!!

Then off to find the Gladstone 64 Gallery but first lunch at Barbaresco at 64 and Lex. A very nice Salad followed by some shrimp and asparagus. NOt my typical lunch but very pleasing.

On my way to the Gladstone…

I walked past the address a few times as there was no sign outside. Turns out it is behind the red door that I have wondered about for years. And now I am in.

From Gladstoen 64 website “Gladstone Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of paintings by Salvo (1947 – 2015). Focusing on the artist’s compositions of landscapes and cities, this show surveys more than 30 years of Salvo’s artistic practice and highlights his early conceptual art and his astounding aptitude for portraying the complexities of light and the passage of time. Organized in collaboration with Archivio Salvo, the works in this show solidify Salvo’s singular and ever explorative approach to artmaking and his lasting impact on Italian modernism. “

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