To Kill a Mockingbird

I passed on tickets when it came to Broadway a few months back starring Jeff Daniels and I have passed on it during another visit or two, but this week a friend pushed so I got myself a cheap seat on the side and went to see Ed Harris star as Aticus Finch.

Well, 30 minutes before I headed to the theatre I got the email saying there would be no Ed Harris. Noooooo, I really like him, but I went anyway and I have to say it didn’t matter who starred in it, what a fantastic play. And it could not have been performed better. The whole cast had been rearranged and the Playbill had notes that this one would be playing that part and that one this part and the Atticus would now be Christopher Innvar. He was fantastic. And I love an audience. He got a real round of applause, and I read it to say that we thought you were great, who needs Ed Harris.

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